Gifts to Your ʻOhana

Because it is believed that knowing oneʻs history and culture may be more important today than ever before, the Waiʻanae Hawaiian Civic Club, along with Hui Huliau, would like to suggest you may want to consider sending Historic Waiʻanae – A Place of Kings as either an Ebook or Audiobook to your ʻohana, keiki, or moʻopuna who may have moved from the islands to anywhere in the world. This is a gift that they will be able to treasure and not lose throughout the rest of their life, each time revisiting it to remember all the good things of home and Hawaiʻi.

Including the over 300 historic photos, the Audiobook will also have background sounds of all the things that make Waiʻanae truly special and that we all remember (i.e. fighting cocks crowing early in the morning, dogs up the valley barking, kids jumping off the pier at Pōkaʻī Bay, the Manapua...). The history of the Waiʻanae Coast will be narrated by three local residents of Hawaiian blood.

In addition to ordering, you will be able to choose one of four messages that will accompany your gift to each of those of your ʻOhana.

If you purchase four or more books, either as an Audiobook or Ebook (Mix & Match), you will receive a 15% discount on your entire order (by using the Discount Code 15HW50). All pre-orders will be sent by October 1, 2023.

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