Ramblings of the Stortyteller
Background to Historic Waiʻanae

I first came to Hawaiʻi as a young man of 22 in a government program (one of the good ones) called Teacher Corps along with 23 other college graduates who wanted to help to make a difference to an area that many had written off because it was so far from Honolulu and because the people who lived there were Hawaiian – no matter the color of their skin.

I arrived in Waiʻanae on Monday, June 30, 1969, and within weeks began teaching 4th Grade students at Waiʻanae Elementary, during which time I came to realize just how little was known about the history of this very special place and decided then that I would see if I could do something about it. I was an American History major in school and was brought up to appreciate families' histories passed down from one generation to another.

As a result, three years after I started, and with over 100 interviews with community elders, Historic Waiʻanae – A Place of Kings was first published on December 8, 1973 with my two friends Ken Brewer and Bob Krauss.

Today, 50 years later thanks to the Waiʻanae Hawaiian Civic Club and Hui Huliau, Historic Waiʻanae is now once again being made available to residents, collectors of all things Hawaiʻi, teachers, families, and future generations. Beginning with 125 historic photos of the Wai'anae Coast when the book was first published, both the Ebook and Audiobook editions offered today will now share over 300 historic photos of the Wai'anae Coast, each one given to me 50 years ago by Waiʻanae Coast elders, each one a treasure.

To begin my ramblings, I want to honor the 23 Teacher Corps interns who came to the Waiʻanae Coast with me and all that they have done to continue helping the people that call the Wai'anae Coast home. In my opinion, there has never been a more dedicated group of heroes / teachers.

True Heroes of the Waiʻanae Coast
Teacher Corps Interns - 1969

Mākaha Elementary

Marvin Hamai
Lori Omori
Ed McGrath
Tim Rynkofs
Bill Smits
Linda Jacke

Nānāikapono Elementary

Pat Tilles Nakanishi
Steve Karass
Jeff White
Art Tani
Bruce Schauble
Ray St. Germaine

Waiʻanae Elementary

Mili Allen
Dick Sanders
Karen Loomis
John Burke
Carol Kido Burke
Duane Allen

Māʻili Elementary

Diane Ott
Dick Jacke
Lorraine Kong Tokuda
Miles Nakanishi
Charlotte Tokuda Arakaki
Roy Tamashiro

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