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Today, with the world changing at a rapid pace, many children and grandchildren of long-time Waiʻanae Coast residents have moved away to go to college or to find work on the mainland.

The 50th Anniversary Edition of Historic Waiʻanae may become one of the most important gifts you can give to your ʻOhana who have left Hawaiʻi, as it will forever remind them of their family, their heritage, and their home.

Home is where the heart is... For your ʻOhana, it is the stories of family and history of the Waiʻanae Coast…

Learn and Relive the History of Our Community

The 50th Anniversary Edition of Historic Waiʻanae will allow you to experience a collection of over 400 historic photographs of the Waiʻanae Coast - almost four times as many as in the original publication all those years ago. These exclusive family photographs have been digitally enhanced and are included in both the Ebook and Audiobook.

Early Waiʻanae
Hula Dancer
Jacinth Picadura
Waiʻanae Resident
Waiʻanae Plantation
Village Family
OR&L Passing
Through Waiʻanae

“I labored on the Waiʻanae plantation, growing sugarcane. My back ached, my sweat poured. Some might call me poor, but I was happy.”

Historic Waiʻanae as an Audiobook on the Device of Your Choice
Listen to its Sounds and Voices

The first and only history of the Waiʻanae Coast, as shared through the voices of the community, with local residents narrating each chapter and story, just like sitting on the back lanai. The narration for the 50th Anniversary Edition of Historic Waiʻanae will be accompanied by background sounds of the WaiÊ»anae Coast that we hear everyday and will want to remember forever: early-morning cocks crowing, dogs barking, waves lapping at the sands of Pōkaʻī Bay. These are the sounds of our history that will accompany its stories, never to be forgotten.

Listen to the waves lapping at Pōkaʻī Bay

Pōkaʻī Bay Pier - Late 1800s    

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